Banzaii !

Hello readers , how was your day ? Pretty nice huh ? No ?
I am so sorry because I didn't update my blog within such a long period !
Too busy with school , study and of course texting.
I don't know if you would believe me when I say 'study'. Trust me , I didn't study.
The monthly exam had already past. So , I'm pretty sure I get good (BAD) results.
Today is Thursday , yeah yeah , I don't have any place to visit. So I'm staying home like a crazy CAT.
One week of holiday and I didn't even go to a vacation. Now that I mention holiday ..
I really forgot that I have a lot of homeworks that I didn't do yet. HOLY COW !
I'm gonna be so dead , I totally forgot about my FOLIO.
Thank you god for making me remember things I forgot.

I know this doesn't seems like a story to you , I'm sorry.
There's nothing interesting that I can tell. Ohhh , I SHAVED my mustache.
I look pretty awesome dude ! I wish I could take a picture of myself.
Nahhh , I need photographer for that ! So like I said ..


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